Holocaust Denial, Bullying, and Threat

20150213  Daniel Shakhmundes 12 25  11 52pm Happy...   Adam T. Wallington - cropAround the holidays, I was aghast at what I felt were hate-driven posts by Adam T. Wallington. He added me as a Facebook friend years ago.

I wrote Adam Wallington in private to question him on the posts. He publicly posted the private chat on his Facebook wall.

What resulted was a threat upon myself from Adam Wallington, in addition to posts of Holocaust denial that Adam left on his Facebook wall. Adam Wallington neither condemned nor refuted something as horrible as Holocaust denial.

8  Daniel Shakhmundes 12 25  11 52pm Happy...   Adam T. Wallington threat

I recently came across a Facebook Page named Rise Against Bullying (Together) – a page ‘Liked’ by Adam Wallington and run by someone who claims to be his friend, Justin Preston – I found Justin Preston via a post he made mentioning Adam Wallington. There, I had commented on my experience, and linked the heinous thread of Adam Wallington (screenshot below). Justin Preston ‘liked’ my comment, but today I found it was deleted.

It is worth noting that I have not received any cease & desist from Adam Wallington, nor contact from police on this matter that I raised to the police on Twitter. In fact, Adam Wallington has kept me as a Facebook “Friend”.  Despite these facts, Justin Preston has written that I am harassing. Given my experience with Adam Wallington and Justin Preston, I feel it is important to expose these people who claim to “Rise Against Bullying” when committing such things themselves, or covering it up, or accusing me of harassment that has no substantiation.

Justin Preston of Rise Against Bullying defends Adam Wallington bullying and hosting hate 1

Justin Preston of Rise Against Bullying defends Adam Wallington bullying and hosting hate 2

Justin Preston of Rise Against Bullying defends Adam Wallington bullying and hosting hate 3

Update – 13h30 – Founder of Rise Against Bullying, Justin Preston, admits that he is family/cousin of Adam T. Wallington.  Is that Justin Preston’s justification for his unsubstantiated accusation that I am harassing?  Is that why Justin Preston is more concerned with my exposing these two for their quiet acceptance of the Holocaust denial that Adam Wallington has been hosting on Facebook, and for Adam Wallington’s threat upon myself?  In any case, I believe that we can see what is more important to Justin Preston here.  What is Rise Against Bullying for, if it does not stand against my being threatened for standing against hate and fighting against Holocaust denial?  For exposing this truth about Rise Against Bullying and the Founder today, I have been blocked on Facebook by Justin Preston and on Twitter by @risersrab.

riserab 20150213

Update – 19h30 – as a result of messages & Tweets made by Justin Preston today, I became concerned with there possibly being a police matter already open by Adam T. Wallington and/or this Justin Preston.  So, I called the Toronto Police myself.  Two police officers joined me to review this matter.  The review concluded with them being unable to find any existing reports; was Justin Preston lying?  The police advised me of the following, which they said they had contacted Adam T. Wallington and advised him of as well:
1)  We’re entitled to our own opinions per the Canadian Charter (of Rights & Freedoms)
2)  the police are filing a report (15-260955) invoking our three names
3)  Adam T. Wallington & I must not contact each-other again (à la “cease & desist”) otherwise it will constitute as harassment
4)  Adam T. Wallington reported that he was frustrated that I contacted a female Facebook friend of his who commented against me on Facebook.  I find it interesting that Adam T. Wallington did not make it clear to the police that it was a mutual Facebook friend (even still) and my contacting her was not unique or new.  Anyway, I will now block Adam T. Wallington, as he has yet to do so – one less hate-promoting frenemy – done.  Might as well unfriend the frenemy’s lackey frenemy who felt that I shouldn’t have defended my beliefs & myself in the face of such hate & bullying; done.
5)  I have the right to write/speak of my experience with Adam T. Wallington and Justin Preston.  I hope people will read this page and see what kind of hypocrite is the founder of “Rise Against Bullying”.
6)  The police did not consider my actions harassing and this adds to the fact that Justin Preston has made a false claim against me to support the hate and bullying of [his cousin?] Adam T. Wallington.

20150214 is Justin Preston about bullying or profitUpdate Feb.14 15h45 – I now have a video of my police report available upon request – I will not be publishing it, but I have it for anyone who wants to hear the discussion I had with the police – the more I think about what happened, the more it seems to me that RiseAgainstBullying is a commercial interest for profit and/or marketing.  Justin Preston tweets about how pleased he is with local community buying his hats, while he claims Adam T. Wallington is his cousin and I’m harrassing that person by exposing public hosting of Holocaust denial and threatening me.  Is it me or does this situation make one of the following points:
1)  “Bullying” is bad, but Holocaust denial and threatening someone is OK.
2)  If you’re family (e.g. a cousin) of Justin Preston, the founder of Rise Against Bullying, in his eyes it’s OK to bully someone by undermining an international tragedy like the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of that someone’s family members, and it’s OK to threaten that person if they stands up against it.

You might be reading this page and wondering, how did Daniel Shakhmundes get connected to such vile & hypocritical creatures…  Well, it’s simple…  Years ago, someone (still have to dig through messages to recollect who) introduced me to Adam T. Wallington, so that I could help him with computer parts.  I’ve been into computers since childhood, so a lot of my acquaintances consider me a go-to person for technology.  By now I have over eight hundred “friends” on Facebook – more than I can keep up with even on a monthly basis – as a result, I engage some of my contacts once-a-year or less.  I try to contact people around opportune times like their birthdays and/or the holidays.  Over the Christmas holidays, when having a look at Adam T. Wallington’s profile, I found a lot of virulent anti “Zionist”, anti-Israel content on Adam T. Wallington’s Facebook – the substance of it gave me the impression that it wasn’t just about non-violence, but it was stemming from Jew hating (people call it anti-Semitism, but Adam T. Wallington wants to play games with the word “Semite”, so let’s just call it “Jew hating”) – first, I tried writing him privately, as it’s the diplomatic Dale Carnegie thing to do, but let me leave today’s update with Adam T. Wallington’s explanation of why he took the private chat public, because if this isn’t bullying then I don’t know what is:

  • Adam T. Wallington12/31, 9:53pm

    go look at my news feed. you’re the joke of the day.

  • Daniel Shakhmundes 12/31, 11:03pm
    Whatever makes you feel better, again it’s no surprise a person like you would do that. Glad i identified another frenemy. I know if I posted this conversation on my profile we would get a different reaction, but I don’t need anyone’s approval like you feel you do to make yourself feel better or justified.
  • Adam T. Wallington 12/31, 11:04pm

    you keep talking.
    no i think you’re a spectacle. you should be seen.

    Update Feb.14 17h15 – just got a voicemail from one of the police officers to whom I made yesterday’s report.  For some reason they are asking me why I am still Tweeting about the host of Holocaust denial and his fellow who accused me of harassment for standing up against it.  I called back, but was unable to reach the officer.  I asked the man on the phone to relay a message, which included the following question:  Why am I being questioned over a free speech matter, in which I rightly expose these people who tolerate and/or support Holocaust denial, when the post bearing Holocaust denial and threat upon myself was still up earlier today?  I still feel under threat and have no reason to believe that I am safe from the bigotry, hate, and misinformation fueled by Adam T. Wallington and Justin Preston.  If those two don’t like what I Tweet, they can block me!

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