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Experimentations in Social Media

D.Shak observes the term social media a lot these days…

It is a new buzzword, but not a new concept, considering that an environment where people may interact/socialize is the general implication – the web and new systems of communications technology allow people to browse & exchange text, images/photos, video, audio/sound/music, and other sorts of information – there is nothing new about “social media” aside from the fact that the popular adoption of the term indicates the increasing societal permeation of more evolved, refined, and sophisticated methods for people to interact.

In riding the waves of new technological trends, D.Shak pursues those that have the most benefit & relevance to making a living! With that in mind, two of the internet’s most popular & professional social networking/utility/media websites – LinkedIn & Facebook – have been integrated with the Shak.WebSite. Regardless of anyones membership or familiarity with these things, all can enjoy the additional content now made available (photos in particular), including Daniel Shakhmundes for whom sharing/syndication of content is now easier than ever!

Better Than Microsoft Office, and Free! version 3.0 is now available

It includes indispensable new features, most notably:

Considering the price difference, the reasons for using Microsoft Office are becoming extinct, especially when OpenOffice can do useful things that Microsoft Office cannot.

So, if you’re not already convinced to download OpenOffice and try it, then consider reading “Review of final OpenOffice 3: Why buy Microsoft Office?” on Computerworld.

Mounting FreeBSD UFS in Linux

Command-line examples of usage:

  • mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=5xbsd /dev/sda5 /mnt/sda5
  • mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=44bsd /dev/hdd5 /mnt/hdd5

Pages for Reference:

How to access BSD filesystems under Linux
Mount FreeBSD partition in Linux

The above is useful when using Linux to migrate or recover data from FreeBSD and other BSD-based computer operating systems.