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With my 12 years of business on the World Wide Web (WWW AKA W3 AKA the Web), I have stayed rather quiet on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have used Yahoo! and Google since their beginnings, and know full-well that the ranking properties/characteristics of search engines is generally proprietary and surrounded in secrecy. Even though best-practices and standards have been publicly published, technical aspects of quality in programming & design vary in importance to search engine ranking, and their relevance can change over time. Furthermore, there are other criteria factored in that are organic and otherwise. I have always designed & built to conform to the most obvious and expected elements, and the approach has evidently brought success to my endeavours & business.

Today, I began publishing a page on my own internal/proprietary trade-secret knowledge of SEO, starting with a couple points, and with many more to come.


2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization

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  2. Nicholson J.

    What a dramatic remark about seo. I’m frankly very dumbfounded that this has not been articulated earlier to such an extent.

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